Air End Rebuilding Process

airend rebuilding disassembled

A disassembled air end during the airend rebuilding process

Once we have received your airend, it is taken to the disassembly area which contains a mounting stand, overhead crane, and oil pit for collecting waste oil.

The airend is assigned a work order number and a job folder is generated to hold all documents related to the disassembly, teardown, and dimensional specifications. This folder stays with the airend through the whole rebuilding process to ensure accurate documentation from start to finish.

A polished end plate during the air end rebuilding process

A polished end plate during the air end rebuilding process

Once the airend is completely disassembled, the rotors, bearing carriers, and end plates are checked for wear. Pictures are taken identifying the problem areas and all measurements are recorded.

The disassembled airend is placed in a self-contained cleaning system to remove all grease, debris, and sludge.

After the airend is cleaned & degreased thoroughly, any parts that require machine work are brought to the proper areas in the shop and repairs begin.

This is a top view of an end plate by itself.

If necessary, the following repairs will also be made:

The rotors are mounted and turned on a lathe.

The front and rear covers can be metalized using a thermal ARC system. Finish machining is done on the appropriate Blanchard grinder.

The main bore areas can be metalized and bored on a vertical boring mill.

Bearing journals can be metalized and ground according to OEM specifications.

Sealing strips can be built up and recut on our custom jigs.

Air End Rebuilding: sealing strips

Air End Rebuilding: sealing strips

Depending on the extent of the damage, the above work normally takes one to two days to complete.

All components are cleaned again and taken to the assembly area where bearings, gaskets & seals are pulled from inventory.

All dimensions are rechecked before assembly takes place, including the bearing pockets, bores and alignments. Both rotors are also checked for proper alignment and balance. The new bearings are measured for proper fit before installing them.

The airend is completely reassembled. After assembly the airend is spun unloaded for a final check. To insure that the OEM specs are being met, the unit is measured and rechecked for accuracy during the whole rebuilding process.

All open ports, upon completion, are plugged with plastic caps and the inlet is sealed shut. The airend is ready to be skid mounted and painted the original OEM color.

This is a finished, freshly painted rebuilt air end

As the built air end enter the shipping area, all shipping documents and startup procedures are attached to the unit, and shipping details are arranged.

This whole process normally takes 5 to 7 working days, depending on the airend size and extent of damage. We have setup our shop so the work flows through in an orderly fashion. This insures that adherence to our inspection steps and quality controls are strictly observed.

All air end rebuilds are backed by a 1 or 2 year warranty.

Ask for our airend warranty sheet to see the complete details.

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