Rotary Screw Air End Rebuilds

Industrial Air Power rebuilds airends for all rotary screw air compressors from 10hp up to 1000hp. With thousands of remanufactured airends completed already, Industrial Air Power offers a reliable air end rebuilding service with prices that are unrivaled. Our Air end rebuilding is the economical alternative to new high priced factory exchange airends or factory rebuilt units.

We rebuild your airend and return it to you, like new!

All of our air end rebuilds include new gaskets, bearings, o-rings, repair of rotors, seals, rebuilding the oil pump, metalizing the shafts, inlet valve rebuild, and end plate repair if needed. We can also service the drive motor, “clean & bake” the windings, and install new seals and bearings on direct-drive units.

Depending on the size of the airend and the degree of damage, the entire process of rebuilding an air end takes approximately five to seven working days. Our shop is set up so the work flows through in an orderly manner to insure that we adhere to the highest inspection and quality controls standards.

All rebuilds come with our exclusive 1 year warranty. Ask us how you can extend this warranty to 2 years at no additional cost.

Features of our airend rebuild:

Air End Rebuilders

We rebuild air ends so your air compressors will run smoothly and efficiently! Talk to us about your air end rebuilding project.

  • Fast turn-around times
  • Replacement or Repair of Sealing Strip
  • Remanufactured airends to the OEM Specifications
  • Rotor Shaft Repair
  • Drive gear sets in stock
  • Keyway Repair
  • Teflon Rotor Coating
  • End Plate Repair
  • Dynamic Rotor Balancing
  • Welding qualifications to ASME

Call us today: (414) 422-1717 to ask about getting your air end rebuilt.

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